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Re: [IP] Re: another question about possible diabetic friend

Michael wrote:
> It is the presence or absence of insulin
> that regulates the amount of glucose that the liver releases (my
> understanding of this is rudimentary at best). As I understand the
> process, when the amount of insulin in the blood stream increases,
> the liver will add or remove glucose as needed to match.

The whole process, in the normal body, is driven by the amount of
glucose in the blood.

When the glucose rises, due to ingestion of food, the pancreas secretes
insulin. The insulin tells the liver to store the glucose as glycogen. 

When the glucose falls, in the fasting state, the pancreas stops
secreting much insulin, so the insulin levels fall, signaling the liver
to convert glycogen into glucose. 

It's a finely tuned system, and keeps the normal person's BGs in a very
narrow range.

> Thus, when
> there is very little insulin and the body needs energy, the liver
> will not release glucose until you hit the wall and then the liver
> dumps everything it has. This means that if you need energy and you
> have an insulin deficit, the liver will not release glucose and visa
> versa.

Not exactly.

When there is an insulin deficit,  there is nothing to restrain the
liver from releasing glucose, so the BGs go up. When the body can't
secrete insulin, there is nothing to bring the BGs back down again, so
you get the symptoms of diabetes. 

In a normal person, the glucose will be processed and the energy will be
there UNTIL the liver has used up all its glycogen -- hitting the wall
is actually a result of LACK of glucose, not a liver dump. It may also
involve aerobic and anaerobic metabolism; I'm not an exercise
physiologist, so can't really talk about that. 

Hope this clarifies things a little! 
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