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Re: [IP] dual/square wave and peanut butter

Ruth Schneider wrote:
> you know what is a pain about the dual wave?  I seem to be always resetting
> geneva's basals and it always has to be right after she had dual waved an
> item of food.  we have to suspend,  then do the basal settings and then
> reset the dual wave ...remembering what she was 'delivered' at that time.

That's why I don't use the dual wave. I just set a temporary basal over
the time I want increased insulin delivery. That way, I can set other
things, like taking an additional bolus when I want to (like if I just
can't resist that snack!) without disturbing the original plan. 

 It means doing the math a little differently -- if I want 4 additional
units of insulin over 4 hours, I just add 1 unit per hour to my usual
basal rate, so if my basal is 0.3, then I'd put in a temporary basal of

 I intentionally picked an easy number -- but if you wanted, say, 3
units over 4 hours, you'd add .7 to your basal rate, and then bolus at
the end of the 4 hours if the number was still high. 

I used hypothetical numbers -- yours would surely be different.

I have never experimented with changing basals while on the temporary
basal, but I betcha it can be done -- ya wanna try it and see, and let
us know if it works??



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