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Re: [IP] re: Sam and losing it...

At 06:11 PM 10/8/1999  Doreen McGlade wrote:
>Sam wrote:
>I have to admit that I've forgotten to bolus for a meal a number of times.
>For some reason I mentally think about bolusing... I even know the amount I
>  need to give, something happens and the thought gets confused with the
>deed.  Doh!! An hour or two later I'm feeling rotten and I check my pump
>for confirmation and guess what... I didn't actually give that bolus after
>all.  Whoops!  I hope others have done the same thing... otherwise, I may be
>losing it!! :-)
>Oh, Sam--I'm glad to hear I'm in such good company.  Guilty of both
>forgetting an occasional bolus and (maybe, on occasion) losing it!

At least you're still in the present and only in the process of losing 
it... as an old history major, I'm in the past: therefore, I think that 
I've already lost it.

(Now if I only knew what it looked like, maybe I could find it...)

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