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[IP] lady at the gym (was driving and lows...)

>I have had diabetes more than 25 years...and I have never ever, not even >once, passed out due to low blood sugar

Congratulations on your excellent control for so long!!! However, I
believe that you are in the minority, I would guess that most diabetics
have probably experienced a blood sugar so low that they passed out (or
at least were at the point where they needed help and could no longer
care for themselves), no matter how hard they try to maintain control.

>I have encouraged her to test..."oh no," she says, "my doctor says I only >have to do it in the morning and when I go to bed..."  well for gods sake, >that, in my opinion, is stupid and irresponsible

It may be irresponsible...for her doctor to have told her such a thing,
but I hardly think it is fair to call her stupid and irresponsible. She
is following her doctor's advice! At least she is doing some testing,
she could be just ignoring that completely (and she wouldn't be the
first diabetic to do so).

>I am too well educated to "let" myself slide without being aware of the >consequences.

EXACTLY! YOU are educated! Not everyone has that privilege. It is not
fair of you to judge this woman's intelligence when you do not know her
situation. Not everyone has the benefit of the IP mailing list. As we
know from reading this list, there are a lot of bad doctors out there.
Maybe this woman has never had the benefit of a good doctor, so she
doesn't know enough about her own diabetes.  If she's never had a good
doctor then she probably doesn't even know what she is missing, or know
that she needs to look for a good doctor. Obviously she has never been
told that she needs to be testing more often. Perhaps she was also never
taught how to count carbs and adjust her insulin appropriately. Maybe
she doesn't know just how exercise affects blood sugars. Heck, its even
possible that she was never taught how to feel a low coming on, or how
to properly correct it.
Since this woman is following her doctor's orders and doesn't realize
that better control is possible, perhaps you could share the IP list
with her. If she doesn't have a computer, offer to print out articles
that might interest her.  Don't try to tell her what to do, but after
reading this list for a while, it should help her realize that better
control is possible. PLEASE, instead of insulting her, try to help her!
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