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[IP] Re: Question, serious -- Gianna

gianna marzilli wrote:
>   Just a curiosity, for
> example if I were not diabetic would my pancreas pump out .4 units an hour
> and then .6 units in the morning? Or do normal people's bgs not go up in the
> morning or when they are sick?

Normal people's BGs do go up in the morning, but not out of normal
range. That is, a person could go to bed with a BG of, say, 70, and wake
up at 105 -- that's definitely a rise, but both readings are in normal

When normal people are sick, their BGs DO go up, but again, not as much
as a diabetic's would.  So if a person develops appendicitis, they might
have a BG of 160, for example, but it doesn't indicate diabetes. If the
same person had a BG of 160 when totally healthy, that's another story. 

> (snip)  She had not eaten anything since dinner the
> night before, but her blood sugar came back at 156!  She did say she had
> been sick.  Did I "accidentally" discover a potential case of diabetes?????
> Or would her bg be high because she was sick? Seems to me if everything is
> working she shouldn't be at 156 after fasting for 14+ hours??  I'm worried.
> What should I tell her? She doesn't have symptoms and I don't want to scare
> her.  also she is overweight --could she be a young onset type 2?

Well, you have to remember that our meters are NOT calibrated to be used
as diagnostic tools -- there is a margin of error there, and, as you
said, she may have still had whatever made her sick. So there is no way
to know if it was just a fluke, or whether she might be developing

I wonder if she sees a doctor regularly. Doctors usually do fasting BGs
as a part of routine lab exams -- and occasionally Type 2 diabetes does
show up in teenagers. I wonder if her parents would support her in being
proactive about her health?

One thing that concerns me is that, although you were careful to give
her a new lancet, the parents might be upset to know that you did
something to her that involved drawing blood. In general, I wouldn't
recommend testing friends at school, because someone, somewhere, is
going to get paranoid, and it could cause a tremendous brouhaha! And
then the school might use that as an excuse NOT to let you have your
meter with you. :(

So I'm not sure whether you shouldn't drop the whole issue, because it
could really backfire on you. :(  

Let me know what you decide to do.

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