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[IP] Re: another question about possible diabetic friend

At 04:39 PM 10/8/99 -0800, you wrote:
>>  A few months ago she tested her
>> blood sugars for about a week and found them mostly normal, but one
>> day woke up at 37 !!! and then one day had numbers in the 200s and
>> 300s.  this isn't normal.  She has to go to the bathroom more than
>> average, but not all that often, and her periods are very messed up.
>>  could it be diabetes or some other endocrine thing? 

Diabetes doesn't "suddenly" appear. It takes the beta cells a long
time to get killed off. If your friend is "on the way" then that 
might explain the peculiar symptoms. If this is the case, as long as 
her  body is not under stress, then she produce the insulin she needs 
but  is probably approaching the maximum limit for the remaining beta
cells. If she undergoes stress, an infection, overeats, etc... then
the odd bg's are a result of her body not being able to cover the
underlying insulin need. With respect to the low, insulin is a
counter-regulatory hormone. It is the presence or absence of insulin
that regulates the amount of glucose that the liver releases (my
understanding of this is rudimentary at best). As I understand the
process, when the amount of insulin in the blood stream increases, 
the liver will add or remove glucose as needed to match. Thus, when 
there is very little insulin and the body needs energy, the liver 
will not release glucose until you hit the wall and then the liver 
dumps everything it has. This means that if you need energy and you 
have an insulin deficit, the liver will not release glucose and visa 
versa. That's fundamentally what makes MDI so tough and regulating 
with a pump a bit easier because of the finer control.

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