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[IP] Some thoughts on pumping

I have read many accounts of fellow pumpers on the site and find the contrasts and differences 
very interesting.  Mostly it appears that we are a happy group, satisfied that we made the right 
decision to start pumping.  Some are not so satisfied, have had problems and are thinking about 
or have decided to quit.  So let me tell you what has happened to me in the last 24 days since I 
started pumping, perhaps this will be helpful to someone who is considering a pump.  

Prior to my start on September 14, I had been taking a combination of regular and Lente in two 
shots per day.  Since going to Humilin insulin in January this year (after having used pork/beef for 
33 years), I had a great deal of trouble stabilizing my blood sugar.  I had been riding the roller 
coaster and was extremely frustrated by the highs and lows.  My body just did not react well 
with Humilin.  I had talked to my endo for the last couple of years about going onto an insulin 
pump, but I was not real interested in being "tied" to a pump so had deferred.  But with the 
problems that I was having on Humilin, I decided that the time had come to try a pump and see if 
it would improve things for me.  I also got some encouragement from this web site and all of the 
positive people here.  So my doctor ordered the pump (507C), I received it, read the manual, 
viewed the video 4 or 5 times, went through the training with MiniMed, tried it for a few days on 
saline and was ready to go.  From the day I started on the pump, my blood sugar has been more 
stable and predictable than it has ever been since I was diagnosed with Diabetes almost 35 years 
ago.  The highest blood sugar I have had since starting the pump was 216, the lowest 44.  But 
most of the time, it is in the 80 to 135 range and it is very easy for me to do that.  I love it!!!!!!  I 
feel much better, I have more energy, my attitude and moods are better (you should hear what 
my wife has to say!!) and life is wonderful.  And this is all from this simple (though expensive!) 
machine.  Fortunately, I have not suffered any of the long term difficulties that are a part of being 
diabetic because I have been able to keep pretty good control over the years.  But the pump 
makes it so much easier to do this and my control is much better.  Not only that but I have found 
that my awareness of low blood sugar has improved markedly.  It is much easier for me to avoid 
hypoglycemia and all the problems that this causes.  I am using Humalog and my total daily dose 
is 16-18 units compared with 25-27 total daily units that I was taking with shots prior to starting 
the pump.  Pump therapy is amazing, incredible, fantastic, magic!!!  Do I want to stay on the 
pump?  Are you kidding?  As another pumper on this site wrote, they will have to uncurl my 
dead fingers to take it away from me!!

Many thanks to Michael, the volunteers and my fellow members for making this site available 
and such a good resource and for all of the wonderful insight, encouragement, information and 
experiences that everyone has shared.  


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