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[IP] another question about possible diabetic friend

OK, this is a different possibly diabetic friend (weird, I know.) However, 
this person is my best friend in the entire world. I'm really worried about 
her and she doesn't want to do anything until she is "sure" because she says 
"there's nothing I can do about it anyway."  Her mother is type 1 ??? or at 
least insulin dependent--she had gestational that went away once, came back 
during second pregnancy and stuck around.  A few months ago she tested her 
blood sugars for about a week and found them mostly normal, but one day woke 
up at 37 !!! and then one day had numbers in the 200s and 300s.  this isn't 
normal.  She has to go to the bathroom more than average, but not all that 
often, and her periods are very messed up.  could it be diabetes or some 
other endocrine thing?  --Gianna   p.s.  i feel paranoid.  why all of a 
sudden are all my friends having high blood sugars???

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