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Re: [IP] Velosulin/ Humalog mix

> I spoke to Josh's CDE yesterday about using this mix.  She had never
> heard of Velosulin (I hadn't either until I joined this list).  She
> said she would talk to the endo about it.  Josh goes in for a two
> week 'pump check-up' and I plan to push the issue then.  One
> question, if she doesn't go for it, can Velosulin be obtained
> without a prescription? 

Yes, it is a conventional insulin and is available over the counter. 
Ask your pharmacy to order it for you.

Novo Nordisk Velosulin BR

> I plan to try it one way or another. I
> figure it can't hurt to try. 

Velosulin is the only insulin I'm aware of that has actually been 
fda APPROVED for use in pumps. Someone correct me if I have over 
stated this. This doesn't really imply anything about other insulins 
which are routinely used in pumps, as all have been approved for 
human use and a physician can prescribe any approved drug for 
virtually any medical treatment purpose. Velosulin is unique in that 
the buffering compound was developed to reduce the incidence of 
clogging in pump tubing prior to the introduction of the current 
polyfin tubes which no longer exhibit the clogging problems.

A pump doc should know about velosulin. There is an excellent chance 
that they know nothing about "mixing" insulins for pump use. While 
this is common for MDI, the first mention of it that I am aware of 
was on this mail list a couple of years ago when there were very few 
members. A fellow in northern californaia had tried it with success 
so I tried it for my daughter who was having site problems and it 
worked for her as well. That knowledge has spread to a large number 
of people in this forum who use it routinely to extend site life.

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