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[IP] Two Questions, serious and curious

Hi all--two questions here:  Once you have your basals and boluses figured 
out, is that essentially what your body would need if you you weren't 
diabetic, or are we still "overshooting" because of absorbtion or just 
having diabetes and not having our own bodies do it?  Just a curiosity, for 
example if I were not diabetic would my pancreas pump out .4 units an hour 
and then .6 units in the morning? Or do normal people's bgs not go up in the 
morning or when they are sick?
	Which leads me to my next question:  the other day at school a (sort of) 
friend of mine was curious about my bg meter and wanted to try it, so I 
changed the lancet and let her.  She had not eaten anything since dinner the 
night before, but her blood sugar came back at 156!  She did say she had 
been sick.  Did I "accidentally" discover a potential case of diabetes?????  
Or would her bg be high because she was sick? Seems to me if everything is 
working she shouldn't be at 156 after fasting for 14+ hours?? I'm worried.  
What should I tell her? She doesn't have symptoms and I don't want to scare 
her.  also she is overweight --could she be a young onset type 2? Help! 
--concerned, Gianna

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