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[IP] Re: Driving Lows

Hey Dianne:

*I* know what you meant by your request for horror stories, and that you 
would never think a true horror story was a cause for celebrating...i just 
wanted *others* who read this list to understand, since you know how literal 
some of them CAN be....

you wrote:

> I must've missed your post on driving restrictions, if any in NY

I don't know...my license is from Florida, which I got in 1988, and I don't 
remember if there was even a box to check on "diabetes" and if there was I 
don't remember thinking "this is a loaded question and could jeapordize my 
chances so i am NOT going to check this box..."  This license was good for 10 
years!  and when it expired they sent me a little form to request a by-mail 
renewal, so I filled in the form, using my mom's FL address, which is a sorta 
legal address for me, and they sent me a sticker making my license good for 
another I don't know how many years.  

Like I said, I don't drive here, and in fact my car is in Texas....and I 
avoided getting a texas license for the two years I was living there.  Even 
if my car was here, I would not be driving anyway, with my eyes like this, 
but it is my ONLY photo ID, which as we all know, without which we would NOT 

> any diabetic who knowingly drives with a low blood sugar is not only nuts  
> but is paving the way to h@#%% for all of us.  

And a diabetic who drives NOT knowing what his/her blood sugar is, whether 
high, low or normal, is also nuts....which was my original point!!  You may 
FEEL fine....you may be one of those people who do not FEEL lows, and 
besides, you are just going down to the mall, about a mile away....don't you 
all know, must accidents occur less than 5 miles from home!!!!!  It is one 
thing for me to get on the subway with a bg of 52 or a 5th of vodka in me, 
but NOT behind the wheel of a car!

Sara, who is WAY tired of the negative image persons with diabetes allow to 
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