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[IP] driving and lows do NOT mix and are NOT funny

long, as is most of what I write....sorry...

I wrote:
> There is some lady at my gym who has been barred from the training floor 
> she has passed out twice due to low blood sugar - stupid and irresponsible. 
> And I say those words, because that is how I would describe myself if and 
> when it ever should happen!   

and Jef responded with:
> This is harsh. You're telling me you NEVER blacked out? 

Yes I am telling you that...I think I even wrote those exact words a few 
lines later.  I have had diabetes more than 25 years, and it is NOT just a 
"touch" of diabetes.  I have been on insulin, 100% type 1 since I was 10 
years old, and I have never ever, not even once, passed out due to low blood 
sugar...I fainted once when my mom tried to lance a blister, but that is 
it...as I write a few lines later, maybe I am a control freak, but I 
*personally* and to the best of my abilities, do not ALLOW my body to get 
into an uncontrollable situation... Everyone is different and has their own 
approach.  Obviously, I am not calling anyone on this list stupid and 
irresponsible...Just making one of those famous "sweeping generalities" that 
we all hate so much.

This is not to say that bad things can't STILL happen to me, but *IF* they 
do, they will most certainly be out of blue, blind-siding events that I am 
completely and totally unprepared for, such as my appendix rupturing last 
year.  I was eating NOTHING but apple juice and dex tabs, subsisting on 
basals cut practically to nothing for three weeks before the so-called 
medical professionals could figure out my problem.

This woman at my gym has had Type 1 diabetes longer than me.  I have tried to 
discuss the pros of the pump...I have encouraged her to test..."oh no," she 
says, "my doctor says I only have to do it in the morning and when I go to 
bed..."  well for gods sake, that, in my opinion, is stupid and 
irresponsible.  If she had said, "oh yes, i know.  I test my blood 6 times a 
day and I must have miscalculated on my insulin before I ate dinner" then she 
would NOT be stupid and irresponsible.

Jef wrote:
> I wouldn't say this lady is stupid and irresponsible. I'd say she may need
> to get her lows in control to try and get her symptoms back.

no - she feels them....and does nothing...

The POINT is, this woman passed out TWICE from going low on the gym floor.  
The old saying "fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me" can 
be applied here.  If she passed out ONCE, and STILL failed to accept the 
responsibility that working out + insulin + not enough food makes her go low 
and pass out, then she is silk screening her own I AM STUPID AND 
IRRESPONSIBLE t-shirt! If a parent unknowingly gives a child a wrong insulin 
dose and causes the child to pass out from a low, HOPEFULLY the next time 
they will accept responsibility and recheck the bolus/dose...There are many 
times when I have given my bolus only to change my mind about what I actually 
ingest...dammit, I HAVE to eat something, or I will crash and maybe even pass 
out.  I have to not be STUPID and say, "oh gee I took too much insulin, and 
insulin makes me go low, so I have to eat something else, or turn my pump 
off....AND I better be responsible enough to test frequently to make sure I 
don't go too low."  If I choose to be stupid and irresponsible by NOT eating 
and then going to the gym...well then I deserve the stupid and irresponsible 
label, and I deserve to be reported to the DMV if I go low while I am driving 
and pass out!!!

So, yeah, there is a learning curve and a time/place where you eventually 
accept total responsibility for yourself...When you stop depending on 
doctors, parents, friends and god to keep you alive.  You realize you are 
responsible for you and that life is a series of NON-fatal accidents.  

Jef wrote:
> once while I was sitting in a restaurant. I was fine, the next thing I
> remember were the paramedics giving me some of that nasty sugar gel. 

So, did you ever figure out what wen wrong?  Had you tested recently?  Were 
there other extenuating circumstances, like a sudden dump of your entire 
tubing, or had you taken your injection before you ordered and then the food 
took an excessive time to arrive.  I personally avoid this problem by not 
giving my shot, or my bolus (now) until I see the actual plate - too many 
times as a child was I forced to ruin a good dinner with boring sugar 

Whatever...I am not saying surprise lows aren't possible - and I am by no 
are stupid and irresponsible because you have passed out from a low.  I am 
just saying that you, and I mean that in the universal sense of you - ie, any 
mature person, chronological age notwithstanding, CAN and SHOULD avoid lows!  
You MUST avoid passing out and losing control!!  If you don't feel the 
symptoms, then you should raise your target range for a while until you DO 
feel them again...and if that doesn't work, then you better be testing more 

Jef wrote: 
> People are funny when it comes to life changing diseases like Diabetes.
> Some take it super serious and forbid themselves from ever leading normal
> lives again. Others live like they were and slide on by. I'd like to think
> I'm smack dab in the middle.

I try to be in the middle too, and I lean towards living as normal as 
possible, but unfortunately I am too well educated to "let" myself slide 
without being aware of the consequences.  It is no fun to cheat when you know 
you are gonna have to pay the piper, so to speak at the next bg check!  In 
fact, it isn't even cheating...you are just delaying the appropriate action. 
Hopefully I am not stupid and irresponsible enough to NOT test my blood sugar 
3 hours after eating Oreos to make sure my blood sugar is in an acceptable 

So...off to the gym...and you can betchera** that I will test before, during 
and after, and if I do pass out, it will be because I get a hot date for 
Saturday night, NOT because my blood sugar is low!

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