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[IP] Velosulin/ Humalog mix

>If you continue to see the pattern of rising bg's on day 2 of a set, 
>please consider trying an H/V mix or temporarily switching to Velosulin 
>to confirm or disprove a Humalog sensitivity instead of fighting with 
>possible infusion site problems. It's easy and solves the problem if he 
>has a sensitivity.

I spoke to Josh's CDE yesterday about using this mix.  She had never heard of 
Velosulin (I hadn't either until I joined this list).  She said she would 
talk to the endo about it.  Josh goes in for a two week 'pump check-up' and I 
plan to push the issue then.  One question, if she doesn't go for it, can 
Velosulin be obtained without a prescription?  I plan to try it one way or 
another. I figure it can't hurt to try.
Thanks for all your help  and, oh yes, the check is in the mail (for real!)
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