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Re: [IP] indulging, non diabetics eating . . .

>obviously have an eating disorder.
> > On the other hand,
> > I get angry when my dad and stepmom buy bags of donuts and cakes and
> > and stash them all over and eat ice cream by the half gallons right out 
> > the box,

Ruth -- it's interesting that you mention eating disorders . . . :)  I think 
it's more like MAJOR DENIAL!! Let's just say my step mom is, well, a pretty 
unhealthy person, but one  of those people that doesn't have anything 
majorly wrong (yet), just not in general good health.  I know she is scared 
that I have to be so health conscious because it reminds her of it.  Like 
she said the other day to me when I suggested she might want to get 
something checked out . . ."I know I have so many things wrong with me I 
don't even want to find out."  I don't know how to help her, but I wish I 
could.  I guess I will keep trying to educate her without making her feel 
stupid because the choice has to come from her.  I know she is a prime 
candidate for just about every health problem around and she could totally 
prevent it.  But until she decides to, I can't really change her.  Sigh, 
Gianna, pumping one month!!

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