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[IP] utis and bg, school and testing accomodations

Hi all--
 Ok, they think I have a mild uti now..from the small
one 2 weeks ago. I was on cephalexin 3 times a day for
5 days. Then stopped as told, waited a week and things
only kept getting worse. This past Monday i went back
to the doc's and they put me on Bactrim DS 2 pills a
day for 7 days..so Monday morning will be my last
pill. My bg have been crazy for a full two weeks,
still are. Not sure how much is pump related or uti
related, or if that's even the prob, my stomach is
still hurting a lot. I am curious as to anyone who's
had utis..what symptoms did you notice? how long for
them to clear up? how about bg?  i felt better after 1
day on the pill but not after that. it could be the
meds too, so I'm hoping I will feel "perfect" after
 Also, this is my first year having a 504 in place.
One accomodation was made for testing situations, as
last year during PSATS I was 34 and couldn't leave to
eat...ate the food i had with me secretively (candy)>
found out today I am scheduled to take the PSAT this
tuesday in a class not with my friends, but with only
me, a teacher, and the other kid with a 504 which
affects testing..I have no clue why he has one, but i
hope it's not something distracting. I don't wnat to
take the test in such a small class, I don't wnat to
feel "different":. Talked to the lady in charge of it,
she said I need to talk to the person I did my 504
with --he's also the teacher who's class I'm scheduled
to be in for the test, and I must choose..I stay in
teh class with only one other kid, where if necessary
I am allowed to eat and test bg during the test. Or i
can tell her Monday morning I'd prefer not to, and go
to a "regular" class..there is one with only 5 kids so
far, who don't have 504s, but were overflow from other
classes, BUT i can't eat in there, as it would be a
distraction. OK< i understand that life is not fair,
but I already eat and test in class, no biggy, and yuo
could say someone with a wheezing cough is as
distracting as me with my SILENT meter..beeps are off,
the only way you would notice is if you turned around
and stared and watched me squeeze blood from my
finger..but that would be your choice. I don't think
that I should have to be separated just so I can eat
on the chance I need to. I don't know, but I must tell
her by Monday...
 Anyone with any ideas? about school or utis?--i
really want to know how soon bg settle down and how
long one is normally on pills and when will I feel
"well" for a full day again?
 Thanks all

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