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Re: [IP] Another view of funding -- ADA

>The reason that I don't believe any cure is coming for Type 2 is that
>they don't even know what causes the insulin resistance, nor what the
>mechanism is, and therefore haven't any idea where to target a cure.
We do know where the insulin resistance occurs (muscle and liver) and IMO, 
it is closer to a cure than is Type 1.  In T1, you have dead cells, you 
can't bring something back from the dead.  Also, I have noticed that many 
T1 blame life style for T2 but in truth you have to be genetically 
predisposed in order to get T2.  Once your a T2, you are always a T2, no 
matter how much weight the person has lost.  The really bad thing about T2 
is that because of the insulin resistance, the body is producing more 
insulin than 'normal' people.  What happens quite often is that the 
Pancreas gives out after a while, forcing the patient to use a LOT of 
insulin to compensate, between 4-10 times more than a T1 or a non-diabetic 

My wife has worked with both the ADA and JDF, both have their place and 
both are needed.  The ADA is great because it really focuses on the T2, 
which represents 90%+ of all diabetics.  The JDF is great because it 
focuses more on the T1.  Also, another thing that I found is that some of 
the biggest differences between the two are locally defined.

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