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Re: [IP] Inhaled Insulin

I was asked to be in the trials for inhaled insulin and then was told I
haven't had diabetes for long enuf.  Wayne, that is exactly how I want to
use the new insulin.  I'm going to try your big-dinner method sometimes :)
Miranda "I didnt inhale the insulin" Miller

>Miranda, this is true, and if the inhaled insulin is really shown to be
>safe and effective, I will surely want to use it for bolusing.  This would
>almost be ideal---use the pump for the basals, and inhale a fast acting
>insulin for meals.  Sometimes I do something similar now, only injecting a
>bolus.  If i'm doing a big dinner, I find that injecting a big bolus of H
>works faster and more reliably than pumping a bolus in a old site.   It's
>also a treat to use one of those 30g short needles, at least compared to
>the silhouette.  Like a little mosquito bite :-)
>- -wayne

Miranda Miller
Electro-Optics Engineer
TRW Systems / Nightvision Labs
mailto: email @ redacted

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