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[IP] Benefit to MM


What's in it for you?, you ask.

As was mentioned earlier on this list, my experience of nearly four years 
on the list (8 months off), the biggest promoters that your company has, 
and will ever have, are right here on this list.  How many of the members 
of this list have been personally responsible for someone going on a 
Mini-Med pump?

 I know there are two people in Madison/Huntsville, Alabama, on a  Mini Med 
pump now because of my promoting and pushing and urging.  How many others 
are responsible for someone else using a MM Pump?  What is your profit 
margin in two users, life time supplies, etc., how bout giving me a 

The people on this list seem want everyone "happy and healthy" and don't 
want anyone to suffer needlessly.   Your Mini Med pump brings freedom to 
live whatever lifestyle we want, and in many cases, freedom from many of 
the complications of diabetes.

Why would we not want everyone to have that?  And why would Mini Med not 
want us to promote their product?  I can't figure out why you have to ask, 
if you have been reading the email.

WHILE I HAVE YOUR ATTENTION,  Please allow us to purchase infusion sets 
without tubing, or at least give us a credit if we return 20 packs of 
unused tubing.   Thank you for listening.

Bonnie Richardson
256-382-1188, Ext. 1141

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