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[IP] Awards - Medals - Surviving Diabetes

A few days ago I received my award - certificate along with a very nice
letter congratulating on my hard work which enable me to survive 25
years of diabetes.  Only 14 more years and I get a medal.  It meant the
world to me.  We're going to frame both the letter and certificate.  You
use to get a medal for 25 years but now there are so many of us you just
get a certificate, which is fine with me.  Maybe one day soon 50 years
will be a dime a dozen and people will get a certificate instead of a

I have the name and address that you need to contact at the Joslin
Center.  If you are interested, please email me privately and I will
provide you with the information.

All you have to do is get the documentation of the diagnosis and when
you first started taking insulin or two letters from people that can
testify to when you were diagnosed.

I actually got my hospital records from 1963.  Boy was that weird!

Fran in AZ

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