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Re: [IP] Another view of funding -- ADA

In a message dated 10/8/99 9:53:04 AM Eastern Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< So I'm perfectly happy
 for the JDF to concentrate on a cure for Type 1, and for the ADA to
 concentrate on education for those who will NEVER be cured, no matter
 HOW much money is spent on research. 
 And for that reason, I support both organizations, because my heart goes
 out to ALL diabetics, not just one type.  >>

        I have to agree with you 100% on this!  I have 3 sons who are type 1 
and I am type 2.  Along the way, we run into the need to educate constantly 
and so I feel that education and outreach is a vital service.  Now as a 
mother, OF COURSE I want a cure for my boys, and I consider that to be JUST 
as vital as education, SO, I contribute to both.  

        Now, as a personal note, I do much more active volunteer work with 
the ADA in my area.....Why?  The ADA has helped fund a children's day camp 
and monthly "club" for our kids locally and I think it is just wonderful.  
Unfortunately the JDF people in my area are MISERABLE, SELFISH people who are 
impossible to deal with.  I was on their Bd of Directors and resigned due to 
their attitudes.  For example, a mother of a newly diagnosed (2 weeks dx'd) 
boy showed up at a meeting, thinking it was a support group.   They began the 
meeting (planning the walk) and told her, "You can stay here if you want, but 
we are NOT a support group and we don't do ANY support, we raise money, 
period"......The poor woman sat there in shock for a bit, then started to 
cry.  They began their meeting as though she were not there.  Another parent 
and I got up, left the table, brought the woman to the cafeteria for a cup of 
coffee and gave her some support!   I single-handedly sold 850 sneakers in my 
son's school and I was told that my services were not as 'valuable' as 
someone else in the group who's sister worked for a bank and the bank sold 
sneakers for her.....They flat out told me I was dispensible, SHE was not :-( 
 I would LOVE to be more active with my local JDF, but since it's not 
possible, I continue to make my contributions privately, because YES, I WANT 
A CURE.  I think BOTH organizations provide valuable services education makes 
our lives more tolerable while research for a cure continues....

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