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Re: [IP] a cure

I know from experience that when Eve was first dx I called both the ADA and
JDF.  The ADA was the only one to send me any literature, the only thing I
receive from JDF was a letter asking for a donation. I guess this is a sore
spot with me, when I asked for help, all I get is a letter asking for a
donation. Some of money that is donated to the ADA here in MN may not go for
the cure but goes to sponsor Camp Needlepoint and Camp Daypoint (diabetes
camp) and they sponsor a Halloween Party for kids in Oct. I have not heard
of the JDF sponsoring anything here in MN except the Walk For the Cure. I
joined the JDF two years ago and the only thing I receive from them was a
brochure trying to sell me books and again asking me to donate more money.
I'm a little disappointed with the JDF here. I think the JDF does a
wonderful job in putting its money in research, but we also need some money
going to help families deal with this disease. I don't want anyone mad at me
here, these are just my thoughts on this.

Deborah mom to Eve 12
Dxed 5/3/96 pumping 5/21/99

>  On the other extreme you have JDF
> which spends over 80% of its dollars supporting research to cure diabetes.
> They will support research internationally too, which shows their
> commitment to really finding a cure...
>   the ADA is closer to the Lung Assoc in the fraction of
> its support of basic research.
> -wayne

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