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[IP] Another view of funding -- ADA

email @ redacted wrote:
>  The American Lung
> Association for which I have worked only spends about 5% of their dollars
> on supporting lung research.  The rest is on staff salaries and educational
> programs.  (snip)  I don't have the exact figures,
> but tradidionally , the ADA is closer to the Lung Assoc in the fraction of
> its support of basic research.

In the case of the ADA, I'd really like to know what percentage goes for
salaries and what for educational programs. I know they spend more than
5% of their budget for research (I think it's in the 40 - 50% range, but
don't quote me on that), and I suspect they spend a lot more of the
remainder on education that the Lung Association does. 

I think education is a VITALLY important function of the ADA -- because
there are a lot of diabetics out there, primarily Type 2's, but also
Type 1's with complications, for whom a cure is NOT coming in the near
OR distant future.

It is unfair to these people for all diabetes organizations to
concentrate TOTALLY on a cure for Type 1, who, after all, constitute a
very tiny proportion of all diabetics in the US. So I'm perfectly happy
for the JDF to concentrate on a cure for Type 1, and for the ADA to
concentrate on education for those who will NEVER be cured, no matter
HOW much money is spent on research. 

And for that reason, I support both organizations, because my heart goes
out to ALL diabetics, not just one type. 

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