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Re: [IP] Diabetes support group meeting ideas?

I would really frown on having it at the hospital.  People go to the 
hospital when they are sick, what you are trying to do is promote a healthy 
pumping life style.  We tried it and got no response what so ever but when 
we started having it built around dinners (everyone pays their own meals), 
we got really great response.  Don't have too many meetings, you don't want 
to burn your people out and keep it fun.
We also didn't want to exclude anyone by having just one of the two pump 
manufactures do all of the supporting.  A example of this is on our 
T-shirts, MiniMed and Disetronic are on the same line, same size.  Last 
year we had one of the companies complaining about the other company being 
over them!
We are also an independent group but since the whole thing was started by 
my wife who is a CDE at a local hospital, they have helped out.
Getting people to speak has been pretty easy but that is mostly due to my 
wife's contacts.  So far, we have had endo docs, diabetic dietitian and 
pump trainers/pharmacists speaking on various topics all non pump brand 
specific but informative to all.
The best thing you can do is keep it fun.

Jeff Fisher
email @ redacted
email @ redacted
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