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Re: [IP] a cure

Mag, you are right to be concerned about how charities spend their money.
Often it is not easy to find that information either.  The American Lung
Association for which I have worked only spends about 5% of their dollars
on supporting lung research.  The rest is on staff salaries and educational
programs.  That is about the worst.  On the other extreme you have JDF
which spends over 80% of its dollars supporting research to cure diabetes.
They will support research internationally too, which shows their
commitment to really finding a cure.  Most other charities will only
support research in the US, which seems a bit funny if they really are
looking for good research to cure disease.  I don't have the exact figures,
but tradidionally , the ADA is closer to the Lung Assoc in the fraction of
its support of basic research.

 >I was totally offended by a friend who made a comment on funding.......she
>commented that the funding goes to pay salaries........i don't think it was
>an appropriate thing to say to me, after all , i was speaking to her about
>how much money my son's walk team has made for JDF.  They say 80 cents of
>every dollar goes to research, i believe them, should i not?

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