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[IP] Fwd: Donations to Insulin Pumpers


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>  >Let me introduce myself, I'm Ray Hoese, Manager of Marketing
>  >Communications. I handle things like your request for a donation. I
>  >also supervise our web page and many other communications things.
>  >Can you tell me more about what the benefit to MiniMed would be for
>  >making a contribution to Insulin Pumpers. That would be helpful. 
>  >Also, any stats on your site would be good as well.
>  Insulin Pumpers web site http://www.insulin-pumpers.org

Because of Insulin Pumper's I had the courage to try  the Minimed 507 after 
44 years of IDDM.  While Minimed is always available to answer questions, 
only Insulin Pumpers helps me formulate those questions and determine if 
problems with my pump are due to human error or pump malfunction.  Following 
several days of  hypoglycemic episodes and self blame for not being more on 
top of things, postings on Insulin Pumpers re problems with skipping screens 
encouraged me to do a thorough check of my pump's functions.  For unknown 
reasons my normal basal rate was set at 1 instead of .4.  Minimed immediately 
had me return my pump and I used the loaner pump without further problems.  
How would Minimed benefit from funding Insulin Pumpers?  Certainly by not 
having "pump dropouts" !  Also by becoming more aware of the kind of problems 
various pumpers experience which should lead to improvement of features on 
the pump to address these problems . Had it not been for a posting by an 
older pumper who had decided to try the pump, I would have never approached 
my endocrinologist with the possiblity of using the pump, convinced that 
problems with vision, neuropathy etc would make this impossible.  Insulin 
Pumpers convinced me otherwise,
Within two weeks, I had my Minimed 507 and the courage to keep pumping.  
Denise Guerin
IDDM type1 45 years
Minimed 507 11/2 year

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