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[IP] Good one , John


> seconday, United Healthcare, will only cover it if I "outgrow" my DME or


> "condition" changes.

>How about, "Patient has gained so much weight that she cannot comfortably

>reach the device for programming.  The new remote features of the 508 pump

>would allow her to fully utilize the insulin pump for better diabetes

>control...."  ?

John, ROFL!!!!!  I have to take that one in to my endo the next time I see 
her!  By the way, I was Dx in 1970 too and remember all the articles my Mom 
and I cut out for 5 or 6 years about the next wonderful thing around the 
corner for treatment or cure of DM....until we realized how disillusioning it 
was.  I finally threw that folder out when I went off to college, with 
clinitest and syringes.  Love my MM 506, would find a soulmate in a 508.

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