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[IP] Funny low

Sara's comments got me thinking about "funny" lows.  I have a tendency to
get either mean or very funny, depending if it is a creap down or a crash.
This summer I had one particularly funny incident.  I worked at a summer
camp (that is not particularly a diabetic summer camp).  That week I was in
the kitchen.  My best friend is the food service manager.  That afternoon I
had made "bug juice" (which is basically Kool-Aid, and the kids are only
allowed to have it at dinner, but only if it hasn't been extremely hot).
It had been too hot that day, so the bug juice was still in the machine.
During night program, I got low, so I walked on up to the dining hall to
get myself some bug juice (I was thinking for some reason that my Sweet
Tarts were dirty... I don't know why, they were in there wrappers).  I
poured myself a cup of bug juice and sat down to drink it.  Sherry had been
sitting at the table doing a food order.  I started talking to her how I
was feeling weird and sort of spacey (she had stopped working when she
realized I was low).  She laughed at me (knowing to humor me or ELSE) and
said I was acting like I was drunk.  I got going on this whole tanget on
how I could NOT be drunk because the only things I had to drink was milk,
water, and now bug juice, and you need something with ALCOHOL to get drunk
(if she didn't know that already :-) ).  And the milk came from a carton,
the water came from the faucet, and I made the bug juice, so I knew it
wasn't spiked.  I went on and on and on about how the bug juice wasn't
spiked, I made it, but if I was drunk, it would have to be from the bug
juice.  Sherry said it was one of the funniest conversations she ever had
with me, and that if I had not already drank the cup (and knew my bg was
rising), that she would have had a challenge trying to figure out a way to
convince me it was okay to drink some more.  (For some unknown reason, I
was obsessed that night with only treating my lows with drinking something,
and we really don't have pop around, and I hate o.j.).  When I was finally
becoming myself, I asked her why I was talking about the bug juice being
spiked?  :-)  It couldn't be, I made it myself!  :-)  After peicing it
together, I'm quite amused as well!

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