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Re: [IP] a cure

I too have heard that the ADA only puts 50% or less of their dollars into
research.  I heard that from the Director about 11 years ago.  I have heard
nothing but good things about JDF.  I feel compelled to share a story about
the ADA, for which is the reason I no longer give any money to the ADA and
will have nothing to do them and have instructed family and friends to not
donate to them either.

I assisted in starting up support groups, even, and weekend retreats for
Teenagers with diabetes, when I was in my early 20's.  One evening the event
was a basketball game and they needed volunteers, so of course I went. There
were also two other volunteers ( two twin boys, early 20's very good looking
and diabetic ).  Also the two employee's of the ADA were there, one being
the director.  Shortly into the game ( mind you I am paying more attention
to the kids, for I do not know the first thing about basketball. )  I
noticed that the twins were missing as well as some of the "young" girls.  I
informed the director and we started asking some of the other kids if they
had seen them.  One girl came up to me and told me they had gone to Pioneer
Square ( not a good part of town, many bars, loud music, street people,
etc.  I wouldn't go there by myself ).  I couldn't believe it.  The girls
were Ok and the twins were not reprimanded and allowed to stay on as
volunteers.  One of the girls mother called me because she found out about
it and was devastated.  She also forbid her daughter to go to any more
events, since no action was being taken.  I tried talking to the Director
and he was not willing to do anything.  I called corporate office, nothing.
The Director finally told me that I needed to let go of this for they didn't
want to do anything because the twins came from an extremely wealthy family
and they had donated a lot of money to the ADA.  So moral of that story was
the ADA was more concerned with money than the welfare of those girls.  True

> I agree with all your remarks and observaions and especially having up
> with the disease longer than you have.  I stopped donating money to the
> ADA when I learned that they spend more money on salaries than on
> research.  It's a job for someone and a living.  It's better to donate
> to the IP where benefit is had by many people.

I agree 100%!

Fran in Az

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