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[IP] dealing with lows

I have had the same experience in dealing with lows.  I eat raisins for
lows because they are easy to carry and don't go bad or spill.  If I eat
12 raisins and then wait for them to raise my bg, I usually come out
just fine.  I hate the waiting for them to work but it is better to wait
the 10-15 minutes than to feel horrible for several hours thereafter
because I have overeaten and then have a resultant high to deal with.
Further, I experience the rebound and know that my own body will secret
a like amount of glucose as its way of dealing with the low.  It takes a
lot of self control not to overcompensate especially at 3 when I wake up
soaked in sweat and shaking  but I'm finding it to be worth the waiting.


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