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[IP] a cure

I agree with all your remarks and observaions and especially having up
with the disease longer than you have.  I stopped donating money to the
ADA when I learned that they spend more money on salaries than on
research.  It's a job for someone and a living.  It's better to donate
to the IP where benefit is had by many people.

Why do you think that noninvasive meters are not being pushed?  Is it
because of the revenue earned each year in strips sold for the present
machine.  Anyone who believes otherwise is naive.  Please excuse my

It's too bad that diabetes doesn't get as much research funds and as
many grants as aids research.  But then, the aids issue is fraughts with
politics and affects lots of prominent people like movie stars.  We are
just the average Joe and therefore are forced to take a back seat.

I'll join you in your fuming.  My body has been ravaged by diabetes and
nobody can make that right now.


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