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Re: [IP] Lows and exhaustion

John and David -
You will both laugh at me for my answer to this problem, and because it is
so simple, and becuase the answer is right under your noses!

I have suffered severe hypoglycemia for at least 8 years, and I always
reached for the Coke, and yes, my BG was always at least 300, 2 hours later.
When they put me into Johns Hopkins for 2 days to learn about the pump, I
was very nervous becuase my BG was close to normal that first evening after
insertion.  They gave me a small dinner snack (less than I ate at home) and
I was so nervous and woke up frequently during the night to test.  Finally,
about 12:00 (midnight) it was 90.  Still having most of the night to go
before breakfast (about 8:00 AM), I asked the nurse for a snack.  The only
thing she had, was a carton of 8 oz of regular milk.  I drank it up, and was
too nervous to sleep, so 2 hours later, tested again (of course, I had my
glucometer while I was there, for just such an occasion).  Lo and behold,
120!  Stayed there, went up only gradually until morning and I have used the
same solution countless times since pumping!!!!  Makes my BG go up, but not
excessively!!!!!  I consider learning this the equivalent of going on the
pump!!  Now, when low, 8 oz milk (I use 2%) works like a charm, even when
seriously low - like 40!  I alwyas keep milk now, and that LACTOSE! -
dependable, reliable, and works like a charm!

Try it yourself, and test in 2 hours, and see what you think!  AND - please
let me know - to me, it was a miracle, after years of problems with the
"rollercoaster" -
you know?  First low, then sky-high?  Maybe this will help you - sure has
helped me!!

Good luck, Jane

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