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Re: [IP] "Huey" the Pump has arrived!!!

-Ok, all "Huey" is here!  Matt is absolutely thrilled, i'm more worried now 
than ever. So much equipment!  And no offense, the new micro's don't look 
"micro" to me at all!!!!!  Are they a needle or a teflon cannula?  Looks like 
a needle to me!  Of course this is all through packaging........wouldn't dare 
open one yet. Pump training isn't until the 19th!  We did start the video 
immediatly and set the time and date! Yahoo! And the pump is green!  Cool, 
the remote, well, we shall see about that, Matt's excited about it, but i'm 
not too sure.........i'm soon the night of the 19th, i'll be throwing 
questions left and right!!!!!!!  P.S. "Huey" is because the pump, pumps 

Matt's closer than ever to pumping!
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