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[IP] Online and operational (and info on the 508)

Well, today I went "online and operational" (after secretly doing it on
my own for the past week), with the reps from MiniMed and my doc.  After
a flurry of calls, they agreed to upgrade me to a new 508 with the
remote as soon as one becomes available (next week).  I have a full spec
sheet and description if anyone is interested.

The remote control is programmed to match the pump by the user, uses one
of over 17 million codes and only works within 12-18" of the pump, so
interference with another users pump is so highly unlikely as to be
statistically impossible.  The remote come standard with the 508, but
cost $99.00 if you lose one.  

The other new features are vibrate (instead of audible alarm) and low
volume alert (programmable to either 10 or 20 units remaining), child
block (restricts programming via the pump).

I can't wait.....

Meantime, the doc set me up at a higher basil rate then I was using
(he's got me at 1.6 x 24 hours.  I had me at between .8 - 1.2 x 24
hours), and has me on a smaller bolus and using a variable one instead
of a standard.  We'll see how this works.

So I'm now an OFFICIAL pumper.  Thanks to everyone who helped with
suggestions and input.  Your help made this whole process a LOT easier
to deal with (and made me look like I knew what I was doing in front of
the techs from MiniMed).

Thanks again to everyone!

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