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[IP] Support for the Insulin Pumpers Site

Dear Mr. Hoese:

You asked Michael Robinton, Director of Insulin Pumpers, to provide some information on the benefits to MiniMed of providing a donation to help support the Insulin Pumpers web site.  I would like to respond to that.

My son started pumping with a 507C about 6 weeks ago.  Saying we did not have a smooth start is an understatement.  We've had problems with setting basal rates, having to change sites every day because tape wouldn't stick, blood in the cannula, and infection. 

After a couple of weeks of frustration with the tape sticking problem (and several calls to MiniMed), I found the IP web site.  The first thing I did after I joined was to post a question asking for help.  I got many responses from other members telling how they resolved the problem.  After trying some of the suggestions, we found a method that worked.  It was wonderful to get 3 days out of a site!  Just following the other postings on the site is extremely informative.  I didn't freak out when my son's cannula bled because I'd read about it here first.  

I think this site is beneficial to MiniMed in a couple of ways.  First, a lot of questions get answered here which reduces the number of calls to your 800 number.  Second, a lot of potential pumpers "tune in" to get more information before making a decision.  Everyone on this list is a die-hard pumper and promotes the insulin pump which helps you sell more pumps.

IP is a great site.  Please give it your support.


Pat McComas
email @ redacted

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