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Re: [IP] driving and lows do NOT mix and are NOT funny

> There is some lady at my gym who has been barred from the training floor cuz 
> she has passed out twice due to low blood sugar - stupid and irresponsible.  
> And I say those words, because that is how I would describe myself if and 
> when it ever should happen!  I crashed last night on the stair climber....My 

This is harsh. You're telling me you NEVER blacked out? It happened to me
once while I was sitting in a resturaunt. I was fine, the next thing I
remember were the paramedics giving me some of that nasty sugar gel. 

I wouldn't say this lady is stupid and irresponsible. I'd say she may need
to get her lows in control to try and get her symtoms back.

People are funny when it comes to life changing diseases like Diabetes.
Some take it super serious and forbid themselves from ever leading normal
lives again. Others live like they were and slide on by. I'd like to think
I'm smack dab in the middle.


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