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[IP] Illness- adjust basal rate or bolus extra?

When you get one of those annoying cold/chill/flu things that play havoic
with your blood sugars is it better to raise the basal rate or to keep
blousing extra to bring down highs.  I've been fighting some kind of low
grade bug for four days now.  When I try to use the high BG bolus
adjustment I either crash or I remain too high (then bolus even more and
crash, again - you know how this goes).  Should I just be a lot more
agressive in increasing my basal rate?  
Also, though it may seem like closing the barn door one the horse has
bolted, I went for the annual flu vacine and a new one- per- lifetime
pneumonia vaccine yesterday.  I was already slightly feverish etc.  and
they warned me that the vaccine might make me feverish etc. for a few days.
 Has anyone else the experience of need extra insulin after vacination and
if so did you increase the basal rate for a few days.  Thanks. 

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