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Re: [IP] In defense of Dads

In a message dated 10/6/99 11:45:57 AM Central Daylight Time, email @ redacted 

<< Our whole social structure imprints roles and creates stereotypes.  >>

Curtis, I applaud your involvement with your children.  I think I was 
misunderstood when I stated that Michael was the only one I knew on this site 
that was involved with his child.  I was not trying to put down Dads, but 
reflect like you about the way our Culture is with respect to Mom taking care 
of everything with their children.  I don't think this is good, this is just 
the way it is.  Of course, there are many exceptions, but I was speaking in 
general.  My dad would be 79 today if he was still alive.  I think he never 
even considered involvement because that was mom's job.  However, I feel 
badly for men of that generation who were not involved with their children.  
I think they missed alot.  I thought it was much easier to be involved today, 
but maybe not.  The wheels of change turn slowly.   
So that there is no mistake here, I want you to know that I love my dad very 
much. It was not until his death that I realized how alike we are and how 
much I actually learned from him.  Most of what he taught us, we didn't know 
we were being taught at the time because most of things he taught us, he 
taught by example.  I miss him.  ellen  
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