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[IP] driving and lows do NOT mix and are NOT funny

Dianne wrote:

> In fact I think we should have a diabetic horror story contest- driving 
> or otherwise- to celebrate Halloween? 

I like you, personally, Dianne, and I normally like reading what you write, 
but I don't think a driving horror story is something to use to celebrate 
ANYTHING.  Sure this is America, where we have the constitutional RIGHT to do 
whatever we want, but if a person with diabetes is stupid and careless enough 
to drive when they are low, then they give UP that right, particularly when 
they careen through a red light at 70 mph and hit another car, killing both 
occupants of the other car INSTANTLY, as well as herself, as did my friend 
Barb about 12 years ago.

I am horrified to learn about all these restrictions on driving licenses!  I 
just renewed mine through the mail, but since I live in NYC I don't drive, it 
isn't really an issue.  My eyes, however, being what they are, would probably 
preclude me from driving, and I am not STUPID enough to think otherwise!!!  I 
have accepted the responsibility, and if you can't do that, THEN you 
shouldn't be allowed to drive. Just a blanket restriction because you have 
checked the YES box next to "diabetes" on the form is ridiculous!!!  You can 
still drive after you have been arrested and convicted and imprisoned for 
drunk driving, but you have to WORRY if you have diabetes that some nameless, 
faceless automaton is going to see the check next to diabetes and randomly 
decide that you MIGHt black out and kill someone else.  I have NEVER blacked 
out from diabetes, and I always test before I drive, and WHILE I am 
driving...If I hit 90, I eat!!!  plain and simple!!!

There is some lady at my gym who has been barred from the training floor cuz 
she has passed out twice due to low blood sugar - stupid and irresponsible.  
And I say those words, because that is how I would describe myself if and 
when it ever should happen!  I crashed last night on the stair climber....My 
bg was 99 about 1/2 hour before I started so I ate a snack and didn't bolus, 
and bg was going up.  After 20 minutes on the machine, I felt myself falling. 
 Instead of hardheadedly trying to complete my 1/2 hour on the machine which 
would likely have ended with me collapsing, I got off, sat by the wall and 
tested....46, so I turned off the pump, ate dex tabs and sat another 20 
minutes before allowing myself to continue my workout.  Not a funny story, 
but thank god, not a horror story!  

So...funny stories about lows, great, but I don't wanna hear ANY about 
driving.  They are not funny and they show your irresponsibility.

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