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[IP] the face of diabetes

Ellen wrote:
>  I visualize IDD as "Pizza the Hut". Remember him in Spaceballs.  
> He was a take-off on Jabba the Hut from Star Wars.  I wonder if 
> others have an interesting picture of IDD. 

I get my "picture" of diabetes from a book by the author of A WRINKLE IN 
TIME.  There were two sequels which were fascinating.  In one, A WIND AT THE 
DOOR, the kids are fighting this horrible blackness, this intangible void 
that is slowly spreading across the universe, extinguishing light and hope 
and life.  I would imagine that this image partially inspired George Lucas in 
his incarnation of the evil empire of STAR WARS, but this is how I see 

It starts off far in the distance...has no effect on *me* - I am immune from 
its affects.  It is happening over THERE and I am over HERE.  Then, slowly, 
imperceptibly, it creeps over my feet and circles my ankles.  If I let it, it 
envelopes me, swirling me into the void, sucking me down into a vortex of 
blackness...It is a constant struggle..sometimes easy, sometimes not, to keep 
myself from being swallowed completely, and, damn, there are days when I feel 
like just being pulled in; when drowning would be easier than fighting.

But then....I realize, I enjoy eating ice cream WAYYYY too much and I like 
being able to do it, and STILL wake up to a bg of 127....so I summon up the 
courage to stomp the black cloud back down into the oblivion it belongs....

most of the time it works...sometimes it doesn't

whose workouts are down to $350.00 each

I wish I could give it a face, a body, something I could hit, or visualize I 
am hitting when I workout...I guess that is why I like weight lifting and the 
climber machine...I feel like I am pushing the weight
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