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Re: [IP] Diabetes support group meeting ideas?

In a message dated 10/6/99 11:33:57 AM Central Daylight Time, 
email @ redacted writes:

<< Any ideas or sugestions you have are very much 
 appreciated!  >>

Teressa, I have been president of an insulin-pump support group for a year 
now.  The first thing I did was send around a sheet that asked what they 
would like to learn about and who would they like to hear speak?  
Unfortunately, most answers said "everything" and "anybody".  This was not 
very helpful.  I send an announcement out to 100 people, but only around 20 
come to each meeting.  We have discussion, but mostly speakers.  I have heard 
a podiatrist and a dietician, a kidney transplant recipient, research update, 
and exercise with diabetes.  I thought they were all good, but the meetings 
that draw the most attendence is the endo.  For some reason, all their 
patients come to hear them.  You might want to start off with an endo.  We 
have 3 in my town.  There is another support group here that meets every 
month at a local restaurant for talk and eats.  I personally don't like this 
format, but it is easy to set up.  I eat out a couple of times a month and I 
like to pick the restaurant (a good one) I eat at.  I have been to several of 
their meetings and they are nice too, but I learn more at mine.  I also tried 
a couple of meetings for "Fun".  That involved bowling (very poor turnout), a 
cookout (very good turnout), and a lake party (soso turnout).  I have alot of 
older people who are not interested in very active things (lol), but was 
hoping to draw young people in.  This is difficult because young people are 
very busy along with their parents.  
You will know the kind of meetings to have after a few months.  The people 
that come regularly have a certain profile and you can proceed from there.  
Good luck and have fun.  ellen
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