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[IP] Dad's

I am getting a little upset with this line.

My dad was my SOLE support during my years of diabetes.  My mom could not 
'handle' it.  He gave me three shots a day (starting at age two) went to all 
the doctors and support groups with me (I'm actually a charter member of NJ 
ADA group, which once brought me the honor to speak at their 25th anniversary 
dinner and yell at all the doctors who were being served food unfit to feed a 
SHOCKY diabetic, none-the-less a healthy one)  (Fortuneatly my own doctor 
wasn't there or.....)

(He actually agreed with me after the fact and thanked me for saying it)

My mom was diagnosed with insulin dependant diabetes around eight years ago 
(kindof sortof by me) and didn't take her OWN shots or glucose tests the first 
three years and even after would try to get someone else to do for her if 

Each family and each person different.

I'm not mad at my mom: she did great in making sure I had food I could eat and 
making sure I wasn't too diferent from others (working with school and freinds 
parents and what not) but she could not handle the diabetes.  When I was blind 
and starting on pump she once gave me her car keys because I had a doctors 
appointment (she couldn't accept that I could not see, so it did not exist).

SO HERE HERE for dads!!!!

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  Yerachmiel Bruchya haLevi Altman's computer.

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