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[IP] Medical specialists: a funny story

This isn't venting, I just found it hilarious.

I took Dan, our 17-yo diabetic son on the pump, to a pediatric neurologist
for recurring severe headaches yesterday.   We went through Dan's medical
history, including that he was insulin dependent.  The doctor asked if he
injected daily, and we answered, "No, minutely and secondly---he's on/I have
an insulin pump." 

The Dr., described to us as a brilliant, interesting man, was curious about
the pump.  He had heard that people use a pump as a last resort in diabetes
management (when all else failed, I guess).  We explained that Dan, because
he is conscientious, self-sufficient and active, was a good candidate for
the pump.  The doctor asked if the pump monitored his blood glucose at the
same time as delivering insulin.  Dan chuckled and said, "No."  I added,
"That's the next pump."   The dr looked at me, eyebrows raised, and said,
"Huhhh?"  Clueless.  Later he asked to see Dan's pump site.  Dan lifted his
shirt to show off his little blue MiniMed on his belt with its tubing and
little "plug" where it enters his skin.  The Dr. said, "Oh, the pump is
OUTSIDE your body?"  Oh boy.  He went on to tell Dan how the pump was best
for him since it acts more like a normal pancreas ....how "lucky" he is to
have diabetes nowadays .....  a cure was within  a couple years....
blah-blah-blah.  By that time he had proved himself so ignorant of the topic
I couldn't believe he was actually telling US this stuff!  My hubby and I
got a good laugh over this later when I told him about it!

(BTW, he thinks Dan has two types of migraines, so he put him on some daily
low dose antidepressant stuff to prevent them.  Yuck.)

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