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[IP] Support for the Insulin Pumpers Web Site

Dear Mr. Hoese:

You asked Michael Robinton, Director of Insulin Pumpers, to provide some information to you on the 
benefits to MiniMed of providing a donation to help support the Insulin Pumpers web site.  As a pumper of 3 
weeks using a MiniMed 507C pump, I can help you understand the importance of the site and why the main 
supplier of insulin pumps in the United States should assist the effort.  

First, the most important thing about dealing with diabetes is having reliable information and continuing 
support.  The Insulin Pumpers site is a wealth of information and resources for anyone that has diabetes or is 
a part of a diabetic person's support.  But it is especially useful to a pumper because of the specific 
information available on effectively utilizing an insulin pump.  Many diabetics are reluctant to use a pump, 
mostly because they do not understand it and many are afraid of it.  You can see that in some of the 
messages that are posted on the site.  To tell you the truth, my doctor suggested a pump to me over a year 
ago but I was not enthusiastic about being "tied" to a pump 24 hours a day.  But I wanted better control and 
my doctor told me that the best and easiest way to do that was to use a pump.  So I went looking for 
information about using a pump and found the Insulin Pumpers web site.  It was very useful in helping me 
understand the problems AND opportunities that a pump could provide.  By reading messages from other 
people that had been on the pump for years or days, I was able to better understand what I would be getting 
myself into.  So I gave my doctor the go ahead and now I am pumping.  I am extremely satisfied with my pump 
and the improvement that it has helped me achieve in my blood sugar.  My blood sugar has been much more 
stable than it has ever been since I became diabetic over 30 years ago.  The information and messages that I 
have received from the Insulin Pumpers site were very important in helping me decide to pump.  But the site 
continues to be a valuable resource for me as an informed pumper.  I learn something virtually every time I 
log on to the site and the encouragement provided by other pumpers is very supporting.  

So what does this all mean for MiniMed?  It means that Insulin Pumpers is a site that supports pumping and 
pumpers.  It encourages, informs, explains, amuses and delights pumpers and would be pumpers.  It provides 
references to many other sites (such as the MiniMed web site) where additional information is available.  
The site has certainly benefited me and many other of your customers.  And as one of your customers, I 
recommend and ask you to support the Insulin Pumpers web site.  I personally have donated to the site.

Best regards,

Bob Goodman
MiniMed 507C pumper since 9/14/99

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