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[IP] Can I get a half Rx of insulin please!!! :> a venting rant

A funny thing happened on my way to fill a Rx for my daughter Eve. The Rx
had Humolog U-100 VL-7510 10ml as the item and qty. 20 vials for the total
dispensable amount. Now to my amazement the pharmacist claimed that it only
allowed for him to dispense 20 units defined as 20 ml, ml equaling units.
20ml is then interpreted as 2 X 10ml vials. He was unable to explain why
even though refills were allowed the Rx was completely used up at each
refill. Once I asked where the UNITS come from he says that they have to
make a determination, from a tablet mentality of unit doses I am sure, of
what units means. I then say that as far as a diabetic is concerned 20 UNITS
is equal to 0.20ml. When a line item is described as an item that happens to
contain10ml then the qty must equal item times qty. This pharmacist had a
real problem with this. Am I to then expect that in patient terms, we should
come with a 0.20 ml container to receive the Rx. How about I am running a
little short and only want ½ of the Rx, will he give me a ½ vial, I don’t
think so. Lets see if the grocery store worked like this a purchase qty 128
of one-gallon (128oz.) jugs of milk will be handled as a single gallon milk,
HUH. I do not buy qty 1 gallon of one gallon containers of milk. Double
units do not calculate, except for E=MC2 as speed of light squared stuff
which does not make sense except that it works. This should not be rocket
science. Maybe this explains why this Walgreens is so confused by the
simplest of requests. Some of the staff will spout of that the FDA puts
restrictions on insulin dispensing practices or corporate dictate makes them
do it this way. We were told then that the FDA restricted to 10 vials the
yearly quantity of Humolog. Training, professionalism, common sense and
experience are needed by these professionals. I think that sometimes these
schools and corporations reduce a fertile mind to a crippled automaton. (Pre
pump experiences had a situation that we could only get 100 syringes per 100
days as per corporate guidelines, regardless of how many injections occurred
each day. HMO’s you just gotta love em. This has nothing to do with
insurance reimbursements.)

At this point I mention that he is a trained professional with 4 or 6 years
of training. He says actually 6. To which I said “Oh you must have gone to
the University of Minnesota”. Amazed he said how did you know. I then say
“10 years of industrial pharmacy working with more PHD, BS level and
corporate Scientist mucky mucks than you can shake a stick at tells me

10 years of interviewing pharmacist applicants, formulating new drug
compounds (pre-FDA approval types) documenting clinical studies, double
blind packaging, labeling and record keeping to FDA NDA (new drug approval)
levels I think leaves me with some hint I might know what I am talking
about. Besides the fact that any purchasing agent or government agency
strickly buys the line item times the qty. DUHH. (Is DUH spelled with one or
two H’s (S), I think only one U.)

The final solution is to have our Dr. write the Rx in such a way that a 4th
grader will understand it. From now on I need to have it read not only the
item, spelled out in large friendly letters, but also how many 10ml vials
the total Rx is for.

Boy do I feel vented now, sorry for the rant. Pharmacists and the
professionalism they supposedly proclaim are a hot button of mine. There are
many fine competent pharmacists I have had the pleasure in knowing and
consider my friends, I only vent on the bad examples of the profession.

Now I wunder ifn’ ah can git me one of dem der fancy ½ vials of insulin

Husband of Deborah and father of Eve.

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