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[IP] Lows and exhaustion

>a reaction 50 or below seems to put me in an
>exhausted/clumsy/wiped out mode for 10-15 hours after
>it takes place


I've had diabetes for 29 years, and am now 35.  I, too, get exhausted after
lows.  On my way back up, I generally get really cold, then sleepy and
bone-weary.  This has only happened in my 30s.  In my 20s, I was made of
steel and probably too stupid to notice any changes anyway.

The only thing I've found that helps is good control.  Catching the lows
early and not overtreating them also helps.  Overtreating  illustration from
personal experience:  When I go low, which is frequently (and one of the
many reasons I want the pump), it often happens quickly and with few or no
symptoms.  This scares the beegeez outta me, as I travel often or am taking
care of my kids.  So I grab some sweetened orange juice and chuck a quart.
Then follow it up with other sweet goodies until I'm feeling better.  The
result?  I rocket to 350 or better, and then inject humolog to bring it down
again.  Within an hour or two, I'm physically wiped out for the rest of the
day.  I did an experiment the other night.  I woke with a 32 bg.  Figured I
raise my bg 20 points for 5 grams of carb.  Did the math to take me up 150
points and drank about 11 oz of orange juice.  Waited 20 minutes and felt
better.  Went back to bed.  Woke up feeling great with a 120 bg.

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