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[IP] Petition and griping

>THe American Diabetes Association is having a drive to
>get 1 million signatures to present to congress asking
>for more funding to find a cure for diabetes!!

Signed the petition.  Added my wife, daughter, and son.  Considered adding
the dog and cat, but thought better of it.

And now for some reminiscing/complaining:

When I was diagnosed in 1970, I was told a cure was going to be found within
5 years.  It took me awhile and some maturing to realize that I'd better
take care of myself so my body wouldn't shut down before a cure was found.
Ever since, when I hear about a cure being "just around the corner" I get
rather cynical.

I DO get excited about the results of research.  Heck, we don't have to use
Clinitest tabs for urine tests anymore, and insulin advances have been
great.  The Minimed folks are a Godsend, even if the medical community has
no working knowledge of pump therapy.

I truly hate this disease.  I've complained to my sister about the ADA
several times (she's been working with them at their headquarters for 8
years or so).  Always raising funds and trying to raise awareness.  We on
this list are already aware, and just want a cure!  I'm starting to come
around on the ADA, though.  I'd begun getting suspicious of the efforts to
find a cure, since curing this fricken disease would cut a lot of research
funds and income to diabetes supply houses.  My sister was having lunch with
the president of ADA the other day, and he genuinely would like to be out of
business.  I suppose I can put my cynicism on the shelf for awhile, hope for
the best, and just keep trying to stave off complications.

Thanks for letting me rant.

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