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[IP] Vision changes when pumping starts

My son Eric started pumping on August 19.  He's been on the pump about 7 weeks.  His last pre-pump A1C (end of July) was 8.0.  His control hasn't been the greatest on the pump but I don't think it's any worse than where he was before starting.  Days are pretty good though nights were running high for a while.  

He's been complaining about headaches in the afternoons after school (started 9/1)though he doesn't get them on weekends.  I assumed he needed a change in his glasses prescription (he is farsighted).  I took him to the eye doctor for his annual checkup yesterday (October 6).  The doctor was amazed.  She checked him several times.  It seems his vision has improved dramatically.  His new prescription is about half the strength of the previous one.  She suggested I get him a new pair of glasses but wait a few weeks to get new contacts too to see if the change may be temporary/diabetes-high sugar related.  

The reading I've done says that retinopathy may be temporarily worsened when you start the pump and improve control but I don't remember reading anything else eye related.  Has anyone else had a similar experience?  If so, were the changes temporary or permanent?

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