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Re: [IP] Post Basal testing bg spikes


>    Have any of you ever noted after the span that you fast for basal
> testing, that when you finally eat your bg goes way high?

I have the same problem. It started about two years ago and has gradually
gotten worse. By that I mean that my bgs after fasting keep going higher and
higher even when I anticipate the rise and increase the bolus. I am hesitant
to fast because of this. I have no answers but my theory is that, in my
case, it is related to the food, digestion, amount of time since I last ate,
etc. Perhaps my body digests the food faster after fasting and the insulin
is not available yet. The next time I have to fast, I'm going to try to eat
a little at a time and maybe take some of my bolus 15-30 minutes earlier as
an experiment.

I'm curious, what's the % of your basals to your total daily insulin use?
Mine is a lower than most, I think. It's closer to 30% (7.5 basal/25 total)
where for many people generally it's 50%. And I've recently found that I had
to change all my carb/insulin ratios (supper went from 25:1 to 15:1). The
main cause of that I believe is hormonal and will change back soon.


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