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Re: [IP] bolasing at school/parents of pumpers

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From: <email @ redacted>
> >Just curious why kids need a watch/alarm to remind them to bolas.  Eating
> >anything is our reminder to bolas.  No eat, no bolas.  Eat=bolas.
> I wanted to reply to this by saying "because kids are kids", but y'know
> what? I'm at least TECHNICALLY a grownup, & I've forgotten to bolus more
> than once during the past glorious month of life as a pumper!  While it
> seem very "cut-&-dried" common sense that "Eat=bolus", we don't all
> things the same way, & not all of us make the same automatic mental
> connections

I have to admit that I've forgotten to bolus for a meal a number of times.
For some reason I mentally think about bolusing... I even know the amount I
need to give, something happens and the thought gets confused with the deed.
Doh!! An hour or two later I'm feeling rotten and I check my pump for
confirmation and guess what... I didn't actually give that bolus after all.
Whoops!  I hope others have done the same thing... otherwise, I may be
losing it!! :-)

Part of the problem, I think is that bolusing is so easy that it's easy to
forget. I never forgot an injection when I was on MDI (well, maybe twice
over 20 years... but that hardly counts).


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