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[IP] TV spot

Tonight as I was typing up a paper my roommate came into my room and told
me that there was a teaser on TV for the 11 o'clock news about my pump.  So
I "had" to take a break and watch the news (for anyone wondering, it was
Channel 4 in Columbus OH).  And yes, towards the end of the broadcast,
there was a segment about the pump.  For the most part it was very good.
First off, it was on period (yea!!!).  However, they said it was a good
tool for type 1's to use (I'm type 1, but I know there are those type 2's
and type weirds out there pumping as well).  It also said that it monitors
your blood glucose for you, which is untrue- currently.  They showed a
picture of my pump (the MM 507C, charcoal) and a lady demonstrating (on a
piece of styrafoam) using a Sof-serter to "insert" a Sof-set.  The segment
was only 15-30 seconds, but it was still on, and they had a teaser about it!

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